You can do a lot with images.

  • Add images on any page
  • Drag-n-drop or upload images from your computer
  • Add slideshows and image galleries to pages
  • Create albums to organize your images
  • Search and select from thousands of stock images
  • Resize, crop, and add effects with the Image Editor (only available with Advanced website)

What are the image limitations?

  • Maximum image size: 10MB (JPG / JPEG, PNG, or GIF)
  • Maximum supported dimensions: 1920 x 1920 px
  • Albums: A maximum of 250 images in a single album. 
  • Slideshows:
    • Maximum of 10 images per slideshow
    • No more than 3 slideshows on a page
  • Galleries:
    • Maximum of 75 small images (~10KB per image)
    • 20 large images (~9MB per image)
    • 2 Galleries on a page