Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add images?

Yes. You can use the stock image gallery or upload your own images. You can also organize your images into albums.

What are the image limitations?

  • Maximum image size is 10Mb (JPG / JPEG, PNG, or GIF)
  • Maximum supported dimensions: 1920 x 1920 px
  • Slideshows: A maximum of 10 images per slideshow and no more than 3 slideshows on a page.
  • Galleries: A maximum of 75 small images (~10kb per image) or 20 large images (~9Mb per image) per gallery widget and 2 Galleries on a page.
  • Albums: A maximum of 250 images in a single album.

What is the maximum storage?

Basic Account: 250MB, Pro Account: 2GB, Business Account: Unlimited

Can I have different content on my mobile site?

No. Website Builder is specifically designed to share a single set of content across multiple devices.

Can I have drop down navigation menus?

Yes. If you create a folder and add pages to it, then the navigation will automatically add drop down menus.

Can I put adverts like Google Adsense on my site?

Yes. Just use the embed widget for HTML code.

Can you provide FTP access?

No. Website Builder is cloud hosted so no need for old, slow, unreliable, insecure FTP.

Can I embed Flash?

Yes, but it may not be a good idea. You can embed Flash using the Embed Widget but you should keep in mind that many mobile devices cannot play back Flash content.

Are forms included?

Yes. Simple form widgets are included. Advanced forms can be created for an additional design fee.

Can I edit my site on my iPad or iPhone?

You can make some edits and upload pictures but the screen width is too small to click Publish. The recommended screen resolution is 1440 x 900 or higher.

If I use Website Builder will my site jump to the top on Google?

Possibly, but it will take time and effort. Website Builder sites have excellent SEO performance but getting a good ranking on Google always requires time and effort.

Can I keep my existing domain name?

Yes. However you can transfer your existing domain for simpler management. If you decide to cancel your website, you can transfer your domain back.

How long does it take to design a website?

After receiving all of your content, the average turn around time is about a week.

What if I don't want a template-based website?

You can request a Custom website design.

Is there a contract?

No. There is not a contract but a 30-day cancellation notice is required. Standard websites are paid yearly. Advanced websites are paid monthly.

Can I get a refund?

No. There isn't any refunds after a domain is purchased or design work is done because time cannot be reclaimed.

Can I export my site to use with another host?

No, export is not supported.

Is there any support?

Yes an Online Guide is available.